Used materials

Cotton fabric is mostly used in the production of the bias binding. This is expertly weaved so that the bias binding which is created by the diagonal adjustment doesn't have any visible joins across its entire length. This technology is only possible when using materials formed from 100% cotton in textile plain weave.

Among the cotton bias binding we always have 58 colours, then 6 colours of cube and strip pattern available to order. With agreement it is possible to sample other colours of the client’s choice.

We also produce the bias binding from 100% polyester using a glossy satin fabric in a wide range of 21 colours. For technical reasons the satin bias binding require joins in regular spans, which must be created by sewing of the martial together into a cavity. These joints are virtually unnoticeable on the final product.

We also use black and white 100% polyamide material in a structure of warp fabric, from which we produce a warp binding.

  Cotton - 58 colours   Satin - 21 colours   Cube + strip + polyamid
  Cotton - 58 colours   Satin - 21 colours   Cube + strip + polyamid


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